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Galaxy Curriculum

Welcome to the Galaxy Department.

The Galaxy Department offers a Curriculum that is based on experiential learning, is student-centred and meets the needs of the student learning styles.

Our purpose built, specialist provision includes:

* A multisensory approach

* TEACCH (a structured teaching approach designed for students on the autism spectrum).

* Makaton (signs and symbols to support spoken language).

* Sensory Integration

* PECS (picture exchange communication system).

* Adaptive play area

* Calm room

* Quiet work rooms

* Nurture groups

* Positive play

* RDA (Horse Riding)

* Outdoor Education

* Educational Visits

* Residential programme.

The Department caters for students with Autism as well as other additional needs. We work with students in the department who have a wide range of learning abilities and levels. The higher staff ratios within the department reflect and meet the needs of the individual students.

We have high aspirations for our students to access all of their learning opportunities and reach their full potential. In year 10 students choose their options which can lead to completion of AIM awards, GCSE’s and other recognised qualifications.

Where appropriate, our KS4 students are supported with work placements, and encouraged to take additional responsibilities across the school to promote inclusion.

In addition to the academic curriculum, we acknowledge that building independence in life skills is a fundamental part of pupil progression. Our ethos supports students in their social, emotional and functional life skills, promoting independence in their daily lives at school and beyond.

Students within the Galaxy department follow the KS3 and KS4 programmes of study which are delivered in ways appropriate to students’ individual needs. Please see our curriculum overviews for KS3 and KS4 for more detail.

KS3 curriculum overview

KS4 curriculum overview

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