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Heather, Kirsty & Lorraine

Welcome, we are a small class of nine Year 7 students who spend our pastoral time in the Galaxy Department. Our classroom environment is tailored to suit our needs with a calm atmosphere where we are able to learn successfully. We are all lucky enough to have our own personalised workstations allowing us to work quietly and independently.

The students spend part of their lesson time with pastoral staff (for English, Maths, PSHE, Citizenship, MFL and Topic) and part with specialist teachers (for Art, Computing, DT, Drama, Food Technology, Music, PE and Science).

The Autumn term is important as the students get to know each other, their teacher and the values of St Martins. We aim to promote a respectful, positive and independent ethos in our class. We also like to set high expectations towards work and behaviour!

We are all looking forward to the exciting year ahead!

February 2018

This half term the students in GLH have been exploring and learning about Poetry. They have performed and created their own riddles with interesting and challenging clues and they have written poems in the style of Kit Wright. ‘The Magic Box’ written by Kit Wright involved lots of different language features. The students learnt about rhyme, alliteration, personification, similes and onomatopoeia. They then wrote some amazing, creative poems about their own magic box!

Please see a selection of our Poems here: GLH Poems – February 2018

June 2018

GLH recently went on a rewards trip to bowling as they had worked so hard all term and given their very best in all lessons. They all loved spending time with each other as a class doing something they enjoy. After 2 games of bowling the burgers and chips went down a treat! The class then spent time together in the arcade playing games and were extremely well behaved.

GLH were all very positive and had an amazing day together.

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