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Our Ofsted outstanding school status has been built on successful pupil attainment, progress and achievement


Teachers: Jonathan, Rebecca, Lorraine

Welcome, we are Galaxy class J (GLJ). We are a small class of year 9 pupils who spend our pastoral time in the Galaxy Department, as well as accessing the schools specialist areas on a daily basis. Our classroom environment is tailored to suit our needs, providing a calm atmosphere where we are able to learn successfully.

As you can see we use life skills and practical activities to underpin and cement deeper learning. Our aim is for our class to become as independent as possible within their learning and life skills. It is important for us to have a pupil-centred approach to learning. To help and guide learning and understanding we use Makaton, PECS and the TEACCH Process. Using these techniques helps students move progressively towards a stronger understanding and greater independence, allowing the responsibility to become pupil owned.

This term we have been looking into encouraging our students to think and work more independently in literacy we have been using ‘story telling’ for our literacy project using famous texts from various authors to help the children to understand and recognise the differences in fiction and non- fiction texts we are also looking at writing structuring, letting our students write their own stories and formatting them. In numeracy our students have been looking into understanding mathematical symbols to construct (independently) their own sums and using calculations to understand and answer them.

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