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Home learning timetable: KS3DS Home learning
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KS3DS have made an incredible start to the new school year! All the children have adapted well to their new classroom, peers and adults. They have all been able to understand and use the new procedures in place to keep the school and community ‘Covid safe’.

In maths we have been exploring numbers and place value. The children have quickly remembered last year’s maths work and moved on to more challenging procedures such as part-whole models. In English they have enjoyed learning about meerkats thanks to our interesting class book ‘Meerkat Mail’. The children have all produced informative reports about meerkats and a postcard from their dream holiday location.

Our class based topic about gaming has proved (unsurprisingly) extremely popular. The children have designed their own character for the sandbox survival game ‘Fortnite’ and designed a detailed map with grid references to be used as a new level. In the coming weeks, we will be learning about the history of computers and designing our own ‘next generation’ games console.

See below for some pictures of our learning and memories created during Autumn 1.


Update – November 2020






KS3DS Autumn 2

KS3DS have successfully completed their first half term together and are moving quickly towards Christmas.

In maths the children have developed or built on their addition and subtraction skills by using concrete methods, moving to column addition or applying these skills to 2-step worded problems. In the next few weeks continuing to Christmas, multiplication and division will be the focus in maths. In English we have moved onto a new class book ‘Earthshattering Events!: The Science Behind Natural Disasters: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Cyclones,’. This non-fiction book has allowed us to investigate tsunamis (writing some beautiful acrostic poetry) and volcanoes so far.

The new half term, class topic, as overwhelmingly chosen by a class vote, is ‘Animals’. We have so far learnt about the habitat and feeding habits of barn owls and made leaf pictures of them as well. We researched facts about tigers and produced a pencil sketch of our own fearsome feline.

See below for some pictures of our learning and memories created during Autumn 2.




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