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"The school is a calm and happy place of learning. Staff give pupils the self-confidence to try new things and achieve success" - Ofsted 2017

special educational needs secondary school in derby


Welcome to KS4CH, Chris, Matt, Sophie and Lyndsey

We are currently teaching under Covid restrictions. The students are doing their best working in the classroom and now we can het out it should make for a bigger and better curriculum, letting us work on our social and life skills outside the classroom. We are proud of the reliance that all the students have shown throughout this time. Our first step out is into cookery.

On Friday mornings, we are having Art lessons, and we have looked at perspective, landscapes, free hand drawing and using watercolours.

It is important for our class to access all core subjects but in addition to this we offer an alternative environment for students who need extra support accessing learning and support in developing skills for moving on from school to post 16 education.


This includes travel, shopping, dealing with people and road safety; key skills for our young adults in moving on.

We also offer creative skills, for example video making and using various software, allowing the students to demonstrate their own individuality and look at the needs of others. All these skills are needed in a modern employment environment, allow expression of their own ideas and build confidence in their own ability


Matt uses his horticulture skills to teach the students gardening techniques but further, for them to appreciate the value of learning outside the classroom. Ask if they know how to cut grass, then ask them to cut yours!

We value the growth of our students, not only as learners but as successful people in the community. We place stock in building relationships with parents and the solid foundations in which we can support families and students alike. Support from our wellbeing team has led to success for our students in all aspects of their lives.


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