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"The school is a calm and happy place of learning. Staff give pupils the self-confidence to try new things and achieve success" - Ofsted 2017

special educational needs secondary school in derby


E Safety Tips

Advice for parents is listed below from various social media providers.

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If you need help or support with any E safety issues, please contact us.


Broadband suppliers all  have tools that can be used to monitor and restrict Internet usage. Follow the links to your supplier for details.



Any other suppliers will provide advice on what to do.


For mobile devices, try these links

Andriod phones and tablets

iPhones and iPads


More links are contained in the following presentation

Media awareness 2017


St Martins follows the Computing at School curriculum, adapted to meet the needs of the pupils.

Programming forms a large part of the curriculum. The software we use

scratch are available to download for free, and to use at home on Windows and  Apple operating systems.

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