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"The school is a calm and happy place of learning. Staff give pupils the self-confidence to try new things and achieve success" - Ofsted 2017

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Wellbeing service

The Wellbeing Team is overseen by Laura Crawford (Assistant Head) and is led by Emma Banks.  Emma offers students 1:1 or small group interventions to address issues such as low mood, anxiety, relationship issues, anger and other mental health issues, and utilises a holistic approach when working with students.  Art, drama and play are key concepts that are used within these session to explore any difficulties.  As well as exploring cognitive behavioural aspects to address key issues also.  Where appropriate referrals can also be made to external services such as CAMHS, Complex Behaviour Service and other organisations that support young people’s wellbeing. 
The team also has a Family Worker, Marie Chadwick, who will work closely with families to achieve the best outcomes for our young people and their families.  She can support with specific programmes that can be delivered 1:1 or within the family setting.  Marie can provide support on a whole range of issues from welfare rights to puberty, sleep, relationships and behaviour issues at home.  Marie will also liaise with external services or she can refer to them where appropriate to support families, to ensure that they get the support that they want/need.
Our Learning Mentors are Tim Oxley, Lyndsey Blavins and Matt Flaherty.  They work 1:1 with students on tailored individualised programmes to support them to meet their objectives and assist with difficulties with peer integration and social skills.  The learning mentors offer flexible educational provision, that supports students who may be experiencing difficulties accessing their usual timetabled sessions.
We also have a Positive Play Team led by Tammy Pearson.  This team utilises an evidence based play approach to supporting students develop essential early play skills which are important for academic and social development.  We value the importance of play to encourage cognitive, social, academic and behavioural growth.  This team also runs 2 Wellbeing Groups each week which enables students to transfer skills taught in a 1:1 setting to a group setting.  It’s a structured group which seeks to support students to develop skills for learning and personal development and includes a sensory and relaxation session. 
 Students can self refer to the Wellbeing Team and we encourage this as they get older, as it shows they are developing their awareness of their internal states and shows great strength of character to ask for help.  Staff can refer to the Wellbeing Service and we welcome contact from parents if they feel their young person may benefit from further support to address specific issues.  If parents/carers want to contact us regarding their child then please feel free to speak to Marie, Emma or Laura.
“The school’s own well-being team provides excellent support to pupils and their families and has strong working partnerships with a range of agencies.  This has  a very positive impact on pupils’ personal development and readiness to learn.” – Ofsted 2017
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