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"The school is a calm and happy place of learning. Staff give pupils the self-confidence to try new things and achieve success" - Ofsted 2017

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KS4LBR have made a fantastic start to the new school year and have impressed us all this half term with their mature, responsible and determined attitudes towards learning.

We are really pleased to announce that one of our class members has been successful in their applications for Head Girl. She worked really hard over the past few weeks to create a campaign and showed high levels of creativity, resourcefulness and originality in creating their campaign. Her campaign also included a presentation to KS3 students in assembly, along with posters and speech to win her peers votes.

The students in KS4LBR were really excited to visit the Knife Angle as part of their AIM award in Community. The Knife Angel was being displayed at Derby Cathedral. The sculpture is created from over 100,000 surrendered knives and weapons, collected by all 43 police forces across the UK. The sculpture brings to light just how bad knife crime and violence is within the UK and how something needs to change before it’s too late. Some of the students in KS4LBR felt so passionately about this, they decided to write a personal messages and attach them to the exhibition.

Upon returning to school there was a real sense of contemplation from the students, which has led to some of them writing their own poetry in reflection of their visit.

That Knife

When you did what wasn’t right,

You stalked the victim through the night,

You stole away someone’s life,

Because you picked up that knife.


Every time you strike somebody,

The angel dies.

As the angel cries,

Please don’t kill me this time!


When no-one was in sight,

You struck the victim on that night,

As you were looking for a fight,

You stabbed and stabbed, with that Knife.

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