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"The school is a calm and happy place of learning. Staff give pupils the self-confidence to try new things and achieve success" - Ofsted 2017

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KS4MLI have been working hard in all their options, and other subjects, they have settled down to start their work for accreditations really well. My group have a great sense of humour and have great fun when they are engaging. In these pictures they are learning to build circuits and take volt readings with a Multi-meter. Tyler built his first, Knex model and he even got it to fly!

We are very proud of Bailey and Sammy as they stood for our student council post and Bailey is our elected candidate.

Jack has returned, safely from the Western front. He learned lots of new things, to add to his extensive knowledge of WW1.

As this half term’s SHAPE focus is safety; during our community sessions we took the opportunity to see Knife Angel. The angel had a lasting effect on the students. The juxtaposition of an angel constructed, of knives really got some our students thinking.

Tyler is establishing himself as a regular for the school football team and he is hoping we beat our sister school St Clare’s.  The class are pushing themselves so hard they are constantly topping the KS4 tokens table and Fiz especially is hoping earn a trip to the cinema in November. Keep up the great work team.

Update – December 2019

Christmas door

4 MLi have been very busy making our Christmas door design. We had so many great ideas, that in the end we had to vote for our favourite. Sammy’s design won and we made a christmas party scene. Sammy worked incredibly hard to get the design ready for the others to help.  She used her management skills to inspire the MLi christmas elfs.  These pictures show the team working hard to hit the deadline, she motivated them really well.  Great job team!


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